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Disaster prevention information XML format telegram sample

↓XML format

↓Short-term forecast

↓Biological seasonal observation

We provide disaster prevention information announced by Meteorological Agency such as weather warning, tsunami warning, earthquake information etc. in XML format.
You can obtain it from the weather data advanced use portal site here: 気象データ高度利用ポータルサイト


・Short-term forecast (left figure)
As shown on the left figure, we can obtain data on short weather forecast announced by JMA's forecast division.
(It will be announced / renewed at 5, 11, 17 o'clock every day)

・Biological seasonal observation data
Observed results are used for grasping changes in comprehensive weather conditions such as late arrival of the season and differences in climate, and are also used as living information through newspapers and television. You can also obtain this data.

【How to Get】


We will notify update information of XML message using open protocol (PubSubHubbub).
The user gets the notification and gets the message.
User registration is required to receive notifications.In order to receive the update information of XML telegram (PUSH) from the publisher, it is necessary to register as a subscriber with the hub which you constructed. Please refer to here for the details (It’s written only in Japanese)
As above, originally you need to register as a subscriber but for this hackathon, we will provide some sample data set here *coming soon

Update information of XML message is posted on website.
Based on the posted information, users can obtain the message at an arbitrary timing.
With this format, User registration is unnecessary.
Two Atom feeds with different update cycles can be acquired and can be used according to the application, such as automatic processing.
※ Please refer to here for a list of available telegrams.

・Atom feed
○High Frequency Feed
※Updated every minute, we posted the latest 10 minute incoming calls.
○Long-term feed
※Updated every hour, We posted all incoming calls for several days.
For this hackathon,we provide sample weather data 3rd - 5th on July

↓You can use sample data from here

GET Sample dataicon-arrow

Weather observation data

It provides the latest data and past data of the AMeDAS observation data (wind direction / wind speed, instantaneous wind speed, temperature, maximum and minimum temperature, sunshine, precipitation amount, snow depth, etc.) arranged in the whole country in CSV format.
・Latest observation data
You can get them from here.
You can download the latest data on AMeDAS's nationwide precipitation, maximum and minimum temperature, maximum wind speed, snow depth, etc. in data format (CSV format) suitable for machine interpretation.
・Observation data of the past
You can get them from here.
About the weather observation data of AMeDAS until yesterday, you can select the spot and period you want to obtain, the type of data etc, and download it as a CSV file.

A weather satellite data

It provides observation results of a weather satellites in jpg format.
You can get them from here.
we will provide some sample data set here *coming soon
For this hackathon,we provide sample weather data 3rd - 5th on July

↓You can use sample data from here

GET Sample dataicon-arrow


Virtual message router for weather data by Solace Corporation

They provide Virtual message router that can be used with open protocol.
It distributes XML data of weather on it so that allow you to favorite development language and environment.
Our Raw weather data is not easy to utilize because of PubSubHubbub protcol so we recommend to use it.
Moreover you are able to publish your own country data on this message rooter.
If you are interested in it,send E-mail and get their IP information

RESAS-API by teamLab

RESAS centralizes and visualizes public and private big data such as industrial structure, population dynamics, flow of people, provided by the town/person/work/creation/headquarters secretariat, in order to support various efforts of municipalities from the information side It is a system to do.
"RESAS-API" has been released to further expand the possibility of this RESAS.
Details can be confirmed from here.
In this Hackathon, team Lab, the developer of this API will supportus.
※ In Tokyo ONLY, there is lecture at 8/5 (Saturday).
Others can ask and they will answer remotely (on group of facebook).

AITalk® WebAPI by AI corporation

AITalk® is a high-quality speech synthesis solution , capable of flexible and natural human-like speech synthesis adopting human voices using corpus base speech synthesis.
You can check the details from here.

In Hackathon, an account that can be used free of charge will be offered specially (limited venue in Japan).

personal weather station by NETATMO

The Weather Station's Indoor Module measures your indoor comfort by providing vital information, alerting you when you need to air out your home to bring down its pollution levels.
Observation data can be easily accessed from iPhone and smartphone applications as well as PC browser.
For details, please check from here.

In Hackathon, two gadgets are prepared at the Osaka venue and Tokyo venue.
Principle support is only for questions and answers lyremote (on group of facebook).

Monaca by Asial corporation

Monaca makes html5 hybrid mobile app development with PhoneGap/Cordova simple and easy.
Monaca is the most open hybrid app development platform avaiable and ready to be immediately plugged into your existing workflow and development environment.
From Cloud IDE, CLI to debugger and remote online build, everything you need for your hybrid app development is here.
or details, please check from here.

In Hackasson, we will distribute free activation code to applicants.

Experiment support by BBtower

As a trailblazer in the specialty Internet data center (iDC) business, BroadBand Tower supports IoT, as a service evolved from ICT for modern businesses, through its advanced technological capabilities, experienced staff, and high-grade facilities and services.

In this Hackathon,they provides the support of experiment of your Apps.

It will be held in Osakaherewith space hack community.

English Presentation Support by Co&Co

With the concept of "COMMUNITIES WITHOUT BORDERS, IDEAS WITHOUT LIMITS", Co&Co is a place where people from countries all over the world gather, connect with the world through books and people, regardless of nationality or age, as a place to be able to be flat, work place As well as a place to study, they named it as the "World Lounge" where you can come flexibly in Sapporo and Kyoto (Kyoto opening in the fall of 2017).
For details, please check from here.

In Hackasson they will provide mentoring of presentations in English free of charge to five domestic teams participating for the presentation on August 19,2017.

Other open data

Ikoma city

It is data that Ikoma-shi is opening for the purpose of improving the transparency and reliability of administration, promotion of citizen participation / public-private partnership collaboration, revitalization of regional economy, sophistication and efficiency of administration in administration. Disaster prevention / reduction information, geospatial information, statistical information Information on the use needs and inquiries from citizens / business operators etc.
You can check the portal site from here.

Osaka city

It is a portal site that explicitly indicates the public use of Osaka municipal government's public data and offers (public / open).
Within the scope of the terms of the license, anyone can utilize it free of charge, as of July 2017 more than 16,000 datasets have been published, some of the data is in the Linked Open Data format API Also available.
Please check from here for details.

Kobe city

It is a portal site for data utilization that can search open data published by Kobe City.
Various data sets such as sightseeing, culture and events, child rearing and education are offered, and anyone can use it free of charge.
In addition to being provided with API in Linked Open Data format, an application utilizing open data is released on github.
Please check from here for details.



You can find the data fromhere.


You can find the data fromhere.


You can find the data fromhere.
And we provide sample data(2017/07/03-05)here


Be uploaded soon.....